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By somewhat nowadaisical demand it is internetally enjoyable for me to make some mention of the following:

featured on "The Adventures of the Michael Giles MAD BAND" CD

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n o t  featured on "The Adventures of........."

Although the Bb Tenor Knee Pump with Toe-hold is listed on the MAD BAND website as one of our armoury of instruments, I regret to inform expectant music lovers that this powerful instrument was not played during the recording of "The Adventures of".

We were unable to play the Pump due to the serious injuries we sustained while getting it off the lorry and up the stairs, and then finding that the instrument was beyond our control.

As we were painfully removing the Knee Pump's iron sack, it began rocking wildly, broke free from its mooring chains, fell off its Jacobean oak pallet and broke the neck of our much cherished 17th Century Side-Strung Minstrellux.

Some days later when the Pump had calmed down we attempted our first practice session, but we suffered further injuries caused by the Pump's ill-fitting hip harness, twisted leg irons, buckled neck brace and a thick sticky patina on the toe-hold.

So now both the Knee Pump and the Minstrellux are undergoing extensive repairs and restoration in workshops somewhere up North, not far from where Stanton Burke may have met Murkel von Hassenbloch on one of his early entrepreneurial journeys.

Nevertheless, in the fullness of time we hope to feature at least the Knee Pump on future Mad Band recordings, when our injuries have completely healed and our bespoke protective underwear is fitted.

I will endeavour to keep eager Knee Pump devotees informed of the situation as it develops, on my blog pages.